APPS Consulting

Specialists in SAP Human Capital Management

Our Approach

We will make use of proven methodologies from SAP, advanced software tools and best practices to get the SAP R/3 solution up and running quickly and contributing to customer’s business goals. We will work with our SAP customers to develop an implementation strategy focused on their key priorities. We will also create an implementation plan that enables them to manage project scope and evaluate progress along the way.

Implementation of a comprehensive, cross-functional system like SAP entails major change along many dimensions. While the difficulty of managing these areas differs greatly from organisation to organisation depending on it’s culture, capabilities, and commitment, previous experience has proven that every SAP implementation hangs on some common pitfalls.

· Inadequate sponsorship.

· Unrealistic expectations.

· Lack of top management buy-in.

· Lack of business involvement.

· Poor resources dedication.

· Insufficient training.

· Lack of post implementation support for end-users.

· Lack of longer term continuous change focus.

· Inadequate technology infrastructure.

· Slow decision-making.

· Lack of policies and procedures.

· Lack of consequence management.


Our aim is to empower and assist our SAP customer to implement the relevant SAP R/3 HCM functionality in such a way that their system provide them with a suitable and cost effective business solution that is in line with their company’s strategic goals and objectives; thereby providing their company with world class operational business efficiency.

To accomplish this the SAP R/3 HCM implementation must aim at providing full business and systems integration, so as to meet their strategic and operational business requirements.  For this to happen, the SAP R/3 project implementation team needs to capitalise on the strengths of SAP in supporting the mission critical areas within their company so as to be able to provide an integrated human resources business solution.

In order to do this effectively, the mission critical areas of their company needs to be identified so that they can be supported optimally by the SAP R/3 system. It is also strategic to the success of projects, that their users become empowered with the ability to implement and take ownership and responsibility for the SAP R/3 system in their company.

To achieve success for the project, the right project team members must be chosen who are highly respected for their business or technical knowledge and who enjoy high credibility within the constituency they represent. These team members will be equipped where necessary to facilitate the right solution for their implementation.   

Essential to the project success is developing the understanding of what needs to be changed, facilitating the organisational “will” to change and building the change readiness through skills education and training.

Reinforcing the business led approach is the methodology by which the upgrade and implementation will be managed. SAP has developed Accelerated SAP (ASAP methodology) which is specifically designed to ensure the successful upgrade or implementation coupled with the phasing “Go / No Go” decision criteria at each milestone.

Our Project Management approach will ensure that all the core teams will work toward the defined project goals:

· Ensure continuous liaisons with the Project Team.

· Allow for modifications in cost revisions and impact analysis in the event of scope changes.

· Detail all project dependencies.

· Produce weekly progress reports.

· Maintain a detailed inventory of all services.

· Document configurations.

· Conduct service integration testing.

· Witness client acceptance tests.

· Participate in applications testing.

· Participate in all regular co-ordination meetings requested by the client.


In the methodology, the work required to manage effort is grouped into the following interrelated processes:

· Structure the Project.

· Plan the Project.

· Assess Change.

· Control the Project.

· Report Project Status.

· Conclude the Project


Each implementation or upgrade project will have their own timeframes, which will be determined from the scope and the ASAP principals.