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In today's knowledge-based economy, companies need to fully leverage their human capital to sustain a competitive position. This requires integrating employee processes and information with business processes and strategies to achieve optimal business results.

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) delivers a powerful solution that provides HR professionals, executives, and line managers, and companies of all sizes, and in all industries, with comprehensive functionality.

SAP HCM combines strategic features with workforce analytics to clearly demonstrate HR's contribution to the bottom line. No other solution supports HR to the line management level to ensure that employee objectives are aligned with the company's strategic goals.

Every day, SAP ERP HCM helps over 9000 customers in more than 50 countries manage more than 54 million employees worldwide.

In South Africa today more and more companies are starting to implement SAP HCM to simplify their employee and business processes. Both implementation and support in the SAP environment is extremely expensive. Consulting agencies are currently taking advantage of this and due to the lack of SAP skills and knowledge are able to contract in consultants at cheaper rates and bill them out to SAP customers at much higher rates.

Due to the extremely high costs for SAP support, knowledge and skills, the need for quality service at reduced rates are becoming more and more visible in the market place.  This need has motivated us to investigate various business options to assist companies to provide various support packages to them.

These services will be available to SAP customers at reduced rates as mentioned before but with an emphasis on the guaranteed high quality of service to be maintained throughout the support period. Quality support and assistance is normally one of the first deliverables that are compromised by consultant agencies as they continually exchange consultants during the life cycle of a project. This causes unnecessary delays in the project, as new consultants need to understand what was done and where to continue where the previous consultant left off. Quality support is an important aspect of consulting and we understand that in order for us to succeed we need to provide a high level of quality support to our prospective SAP customers at reduced rates.

Long term possibilities could include the hosting of small and medium companies where we would provide the necessary infrastructure for them to access via a web based interface ie. The Internet. This will be another support package that will include the administration of their employee data, running their payroll, legal compliance, monthly reporting, and many other day-to-day functions that they wish to outsource to us. As the expense of hosting SAP customers will literally run into millions of rands, it is only considered a future venture at this time.

As our business grows, it is our intention to invest in the training and up skilling our partners and employees in other SAP modules like mySAP ERP, mySAP Financials, mySAP Enterprise Portals, mySAP Marketplace, mySAP Supply Chain Management, mySAP Supplier Relationship Management, mySAP Business Intelligence and not just mySAP Human Capital Management.

We would also like to extend our business into Southern African countries in the future.