APPS Consulting

Specialists in SAP Human Capital Management

About Us

APPS Consulting was established on 13 November 2000 by Grant J Tyler and was the start to a dream that was well overdue. Since then APPS Consulting has evolved into a company capable of providing quality SAP HR services to customers at very affordable rates.

Our original business case started like this:

"SAP Africa has for many years been the leading SAP software implementation and support partner in Africa. Several other companies in South Africa also implement and support SAP, but due to the specialised knowledge and skills required, SAP customers are charged exorbitant rates for SAP support.

We intend to provide the same quality SAP support services to SAP customers at considerably cheaper rates. APPS Consulting is committed to providing specialist support services with the view on empowering its customers in becoming self-sufficient in the use of SAP. In addition, APPS Consulting will provide excellent ongoing support and training as and when necessary.

Continued customer relations will be maintained to ensure customer satisfaction. APPS Consulting will continually provide its customers with up to date information concerning future developments and new and enhanced business processes.

Our focus is to ensure that SAP customers will experience the optimal value added to their business in using SAP software.

Should APPS Consulting be unable to provide the necessary support from within our own ranks, we will be able to outsource the required skills and services from independent SAP consultants within a very short period of time.

We believe that the establishment of a reputable consultancy company to provide SAP HR support will create job opportunities and job security, as well as bridge the gap in meeting current business needs within the South African community."

On 1 August 2004 the dream came true. APPS Consulting started business with just two employees and the hope to make it work. Today we provide services to some of South Africa’s larger companies as well as to smaller international customers. Our skills base is growing continually, as is our staff and resources.


Here are just a few customers that have enjoyed our services: